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Creating a community of families

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always look forward to the new families and relationships that 

blossom each year.


Lauri Miller

Finding Lauri was a true blessing in our children's lives and 

her influence on our family has been profound. She sees the 

uniqueness and beauty in every child and is able to hold that 

image of them at all times.  Not only is she gentle and kind to 

the children, but she also genuinely delights in them--in their 

creativity, humor, even their mischief. When we felt 

challenged by our children, she offered us helpful guidance on 

how to support them.

Lauri elevates the simplest of things to almost sacred--a bird's 

nest, the first colored leaves of autumn, the simple act of 

making soup together, the stories and crafts she shares with 

the children. It has been years since our children were with 

Lauri, but they remember her with great love and still ask to 

visit. Because she really saw them as individuals, she greets 

them now as dear friends. Lauri has a gift for children and it 

becomes a gift for the families of Redwood Garden.

—Kristan Childs | berkeley, california | 510.524.4606